Qualified Investors Under CISA

The new Swiss legislation on collective investment schemes (CISA and CISO) provides a definition of qualified investors. Article 10 § 3 of CISA and article 6 of CISO define Qualified Investors as :

  • Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, fund management  companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes;
  • Public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations
  • Companies with professional treasury operations (single family offices organized in corporate form will generally qualify)
  • Independent (unregulated) asset managers who act under discretionary management mandates for HNW individuals who have each opted to be considered as Qualified Investors
  • Certain HNW individuals who qualify as sophisticated investors (proven financial experience + holding CHF 0.5million of financial assets or holding at least CHF 5million of financial assets)